Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tuesday's with Ethan (and Holly and Micah)

Ethan napping on Meme's Urban nine patch :)
I have the privilege of watching my grandchildren on Tuesdays.   The first year there was only Ethan, so I started referring to Tuesdays as "Tuesdays with Ethan".  Now there is baby Holly in my care on Tuesdays also, and not to forget Miss Micah, who is also a part of the Tuesdays mix, since she and her mom and dad are living here a bit longer waiting for their house to be built.

We have our great days where everyone plays nice, everyone naps and things work out smoothly.  Sometimes not so much.  Today, so far, is one of those great days.  And, just to make today even better, it is my son Chad's 27th birthday.  Happy Birthday Chad, you are a great son, and an amazing father.

Baby Holly
Miss Micah
I hope you are having a great Tuesday.  I appreciate your company.



  1. So much sweetness it one place! You will sleep good tonite!

  2. Too cute! I want some of those! Just close enough to see them every week, not every month.