Sunday, May 20, 2012

I doodle, doodle you?


I think I have always "doodled" but now even more.  I doodle on scraps of paper while waiting for whatever, I doodle on my bulletin at church, (gasp)),  I doodle on the back of our mail, and my most favorite is to doodle on my longarm.  This is just fun, there are no rules, and I want to do it more often.  There is a freedom that I don't get when actually quilting, and it seems more fun to doodle than to "practice", but it is essentially the same thing.  I have been so caught up in my tie quilt, that I haven't had any time on the longarm, so I loaded some fabric, and spent some time relaxing in my doodling.  I highly recommend this. 

So, here's to doodling, and having fun sewing.  Thanks for visiting, I appreciate it.



  1. I sure do doodle (or is that, doodle I do!)I machine doodle, which i love to do. Long arm doodles look so fun. What do you do with you quilt doodles?
    Have you submitted to blogger quilt festival? Looked for you but didnt see you. Didnt want to miss it!?

  2. I'm not a pen and paper doodler - just doesn't flow for me, but I am a machine doodler, and love to just doodle away on a quilt sandwich as often as I can. Your longarm doodling looks amazing.

  3. Hi Esther
    Yes I do doodle. my brother just made me a new thread stand for my machine so I had a lovely time trying out every type of thread I could lay my hands on. I have to say the new stand makes a huge difference. I can now move from thread to thread without making lots of adjustments. Thread breakages are a thing of the past.