Friday, June 22, 2012

Happy Birthday Birdie

Yesterday was my sisters birthday, and I made her these two little birds.  I will give them to her when we go to lunch today.  

These little birds were fun and easy to make, but what will make them special for my sister is that they are made from two jackets that my mom used to wear.  When packing up my mom's belongings after her death, I saved a few of her garments, not really having anything in mind at the time, they were just a few of her special things.

So, I used them to make these little birds.  

I have been saving the tutorial for these birds for years, finally making them.  I am sure I will be making more because each one is unique and has it's own personality.  And the possibilities are endless with your fabric choices.  Celebrate today because it is today, and thanks for sharing part of it with me.  I appreciate it.



  1. Super Cute! Very sentimental, your sister will adore them.

  2. These birds are really DARLING!
    What a wonderful sentiment using your Mom's garments. Your sister will surely cherish these!

  3. What special birds!! Thanks for sharing your story.

  4. What a wonderful way to celebrate your mother and your sister's birthday ..... what a special gift, and the meaning it has for you both!

  5. Your sister will love them! Awesome gift!