Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Santa Quilt

This is not a new quilt, and it is one of those projects that took a couple eight years to finish.  It is one of my favorite quilts and Christmas decorations.

I made this quilt way before I knew anything about FMG or that longarm machines even existed. I did the quilting on my domestic machine, and there are quite a lot of wobbly lines.  Oh well.

When I was making this quilt it was all about the machine and hand applique of all the Santas.  There are 25 of them, and each one is different.

I love this quilt, even though I look at is and see so many things that I would do differently today.  That is what our quilt journey is all about, looking back and seeing our progress, and looking to future quilts and imagining what will be.  Now that I place more importance on the quilting aspect of a quilt, I appreciate this wobbly lined quilt even more.  I remember working on this when my children were little, each Santa taking on a personality of it's own, and the satisfaction I felt when it was finally finished.  A quilt is so much more that just a quilt, it is the story they tell, and the untold story only the maker may know.

Thanks for dropping by, I appreciate it.



  1. It's fabulous! I like it just how it is.

  2. Oh oh oh I am in LOVE with this quilt!!! You did a fabulous job. :)

  3. It's darling, and so reflects the spirit of Christmas! I love all the different Santas. And as Cindy would say, wobbly lines are so much more interesting than perfectly straight ones!

    Quilting is journey, and I think a good metaphor for our lives -- we see progress and improvement as we go forward.