Monday, June 24, 2013

Theresa's quilt

I quilted this beautiful quilt for Theresa at Honey Run Quilt Shop.  Because it was a traditional pattern, we chose more traditional designs, with a lot of SID.

This whole quilt photo does not show the quilting or do the quilt justice at all, but here are some close ups of the quilting.

This is my favorite shot of the center of the quilt.

Thank you to Theresa for asking me to quilt you quilt, I enjoyed it.
And thanks to all of you who join me on my adventures, I appreciate your company.


  1. I love what you did in the red border with the diamonds and straight line stitching. so simple but so effective. beautiful job

  2. Awesome quilting. Lots of different designs. Beautiful!

  3. Esther, that's an inspiration. I love how you mixed a bit of modern with traditional.
    I've confirmed my Innova order. Cant wait for it to get her


  4. Beautiful Esther! That is allot of SID!! Theresa will love it, it's a pleasure to quilt for her. Love the detail of the little crosshatch in the set on point squares. Well done!

  5. Wonderful! - you have managed to get as close to a 'hand quilted' traditional look as possible with a machine! I do love the traditional quilting look and lots of SID highlights the piecing design perfectly.

  6. It is so beautiful! Love the extra work inside the diamonds too and the cross hatched corners! Wow!! It was already a beautiful quilt made even better with stitches!!

  7. Just beautiful! As always' your quilting compliments the quilt design perfectly!

  8. I haven't stopped by in a while, and you've been busy! Beautiful, beautiful, work!!