Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Whimsy Thank You, and Random Fun

First off a huge and sparkly Thank You to my blog friend Jen at Quilter in the Closet for the nicest surprise in my mail box.  A darling book called More Sewing with Whimsy.

Jen knows that I love sewing for my grand daughters, and this book is the perfect gift.  Lots of cleverly embellished girls clothing.
I think this tiered top is so cute, and it is definitely on my list.  Thank you so much Jen!

Now for the random things I want to share.  Now that I have my smart phone, I can text, and what fun that is.  Here is one of the funnier texts I received from my daughter.

When they asked Ethan why he would flush his underwear down the toilet, his answer was quite simple.
"I don't like to wear them"

And more about Ethan.  He started swim lessons a few months ago, and it was a disaster.  My poor daughter said she was "the mom"  with "the kid" who was screaming, crying and refusing to cooperate in anyway with the lessons.  Well with patience and repetition, progress has been made each week.  Today I  received this text.

And just one more, a darling shot of Holly

It is sharing my blessings, struggles and victories that make having a blog so special.  Thank you all for joining me on my journey.  I appreciate it.



  1. Ordering ruffle dresses for Holly!!!! Please.

  2. Way too much cuteness! Holly too with what looks to be P&J on her sweet little face?! Thanks for sharing :0) Let me know if you need any help with those ruffles!