Saturday, October 19, 2013

Annual Harvest Party

Such fun!  We had our annual Harvest Party today.  Instead of carving and scooping, we paint and decorate our pumpkins.  
All set up, now all we need are children

 Pom poms are the perfect accessory for a pumpkin don't you think?
 Ethan loves his glue and glitter
 Serious decorating going on here

Sophie thought we said "Punkin" painting

Joey made pumpkin pi

Shay looks like an artist with his brush and hat.

Then we had our pomegranate hunt.  
Kids getting coaching, with bags ready to find those pomegranates.
 Pomegranates on the ground,
and in trees.  Lots of pomegranates.
Posing with their stash.
It was a very fun day!

Thanks for joining us in our celebration of fall.