Friday, October 25, 2013

Photo Finish

This quilt is so full of photos and memories, it gave me lots of things to think about while I was quilting it.  I would see the graduation picture, or the little league, weddings and birthdays, and think of my own family and all that we do with each other to honor and remember special events.  
This quilt is also huge.  One side is dedicated to my clients mother, the other side to her father, and children and grandchildren fill the center of the quilt.  There was a lot of space to fill, and a lot of photos to highlight.
This is almost the whole quilt, but a good portion of the top is rolled over the hanging rod.  
The photos were printed in groups, and sometimes there was space that needed to be quilted on the photo page.  I stitched around each photo to frame it, and if there was extra space I put straight lines to fill it in. 
 In the background I did swirls.  Lots of swirls.
 Around the outer border I did feathers.
I did whatever this is called, square filler or meandering squares, or something, in the brown sashing.  It was fun to do, and I like the contrast with the swirls.

I enjoyed spending time with this quilt and this family that I only know through their photos.  Thanks for joining me.



  1. Golly, that was a challenge! Great solutions.


  2. I'm sure they will treasure it. Haven't worked with photos yet, was it hard?

  3. Love the swirls! What a treasure that quilt is!