Friday, October 11, 2013

Susie's Flower Baskets

This cute Flower Basket quilt was fun to work on.

 Susie does such a nice job of piecing.  Originally I was going to do the same design in each basket, but that idea changed quickly, and I mixed it up.  I like the variation it added. 

 I love the swirls on this basket, and all I did was follow the design in the fabric,

 This shows the accent I put into the outer border.  I was inspired by this quilt made by The Quilted Pineapple.

I seem to get the best photos when the quilt is on my frame, that is why most of them are sideways.  Anyway, you get the idea of the quilting and texture whichever way they sit.

I am feeling more caught up lately, which is a good feeling.  Isn't it always about balance?

And these last two pictures that shows other parts of my days,
Little Micah sorting a pack of Charm Squares

And I made two of these darling dresses.  I call the bottom ruffle the "one hour ruffle"  Seriously this ruffle took me an hour to put on, and I like to think that I know what I am doing when it comes to sewing.  This little dress is very full, and it is a long way around, but an hour?  And, because I am making two of them, yep, another hour for that one as well.

I can hardly wait to see the girls in these dresses!

Thanks for reading, I appreciate it!


  1. Nice pictures of your lovely quilting. Cute little dress too, and Micah is practicing for future quilt-making!

  2. Beautiful basket quilt, I love your quilting choices, perfect. The little dress is wonderful. What little girl won't love twirling and dancing around in this pretty party dress.
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  3. Love that border accent. You have some very nice touches in this quilt.

    Dress so pretty


  4. I love that all the baskets are different but they all go together because the sashing is the same. I think it's brilliant!
    That is the cutest dress! I would have loved that dress as a child. Your granddaughters will look adorable in them!

  5. Wow, that is a nice quilt! I love basket quilts, and your quilting is phenomenal! You know, your quilting has a wonderful "signature" look to it, and I love it! That little dress is so darn cute! You are a good gma!! Xo pam

  6. Love the baskets and that each one is different. Thanks for sharing Linda's blog, another talented quilter, love that she has an A-1 :0) I like how you have the dress displayed in front of the quilt block. Micah is getting a good start at petting fabric! You are a good gma!!! Bear hugs

  7. Holly agrees that the dress is perfect for twirling.

  8. Your quilting once again really compliments the quilt. It's beautifully done! But I love love love the dress! My favorite colors and the ruffles truly do make the dress.
    And: there seems to be a blue ribbon off to the side of that photo. Congratulations on your win for Chocolate Covered Carmel Apple Storm at Sea!

  9. Hey Esther, I love the quilting! Thanks for sharing.