Sunday, August 12, 2012


Crazy post title, but 222,222 was the excitement of my day.  My little 1997 Honda Odyssey has 222,222 miles, and the best part is that I saw it all happen.

Let me explain, or just babble about how I love fun combinations of numbers.  I love looking at the digital clock when it is 12:34, or 11:11 or how about 2:22?  Yea, things like that make me happy.  But, even better than catching a great combination on your watch or clock (see, it has to just happen with the watch thing, you can't just sit there and wait for it), is watching the numbers turn on your odometer to a great combination that you have been waiting for, well, for miles.

When my odometer was close to changing to 200,000 miles, I knew I wanted to celebrate.  We had been invited up to the Lake for the weekend, and the miles would change at some random place on the way, and I would not have a great moment or celebration. Worse yet, we might just miss it all together.  So, we took another car to the lake.  After that trip, with family and camera in the Honda, we drove around our country roads until it happened, the mileage changed.  First it was 199,999, and then like magic it changed to  200,000 miles.  It really was fun, at least for me.

So, after a big mileage change, then I have to make up others to wait for and celebrate.  I have been waiting for 222,222 for a long time.  Along the way I made note of  220022,  222,123 and some other combinations, but the one I really was waiting for was 222,222, and today it happened.  And...I didn't forget.  Little things like this are big things to me.

Yea I know, I am pretty silly about some things, this is for sure one of them.  The moment is just that, a moment by the side of the road with my camera in hand, but it was my moment.  I enjoyed it.

Enjoy the special moments of your day, I appreciate sharing my moments with you.


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