Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tuesdays with Ethan and Holly

Another fun Tuesday with two of my grandchildren, Ethan and Holly.   On the way to my house we picked some fresh tomatoes, and a few nectarines.  Ethan ate his tomato like an apple.

Totally enjoying his tomato

"oh Braackk Braackk 
(his dinosaur is named like the sound a Pteranodon might make), 
would you like some tomato?"

Isn't is so good Braack Braack?

"Save some for the green dinosaur"

Both dinosaurs sharing a tomato

Ethan eating like a dinosaur.


Holly thinks anything Ethan does is wonderful.  

Thanks for sharing my blessings, I appreciate it



  1. What lovely children! I love Holly's grin, and Ethan and the dinosaurs experiencing a tomato!

  2. Love the series of tomato eating. Too funny!