Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Headed to Prison

Yep, that's right.  Tomorrow I start the long drive up to the state of Washington to go the SCCC prison.
Okay, let me explain.  The Stafford Creek Correction Center is cooperating with the North Beach PAWS animal shelter, working with the Freedom Tails program to help shelter dogs find a permanent home.

So, long story trying to be short, my friend Becky is adopting a schipperke puppy that was placed in a shelter in WA, and that puppy went through the Freedom Tails program, where inmates at the prison care for and train adoptable dogs in a ten week program to help the dogs to be more adoptable and find their forever homes.  Becky's puppy Taz will graduate on Thursday, and will be turned over to Becky, his forever owner.  The director of the program warned us that a big burly man, covered in tatoos and looking prison tough will hand you your dog, while crying his eyes out.  You see these inmates have these dogs constantly for the length of the program, so no matter who you are, there has to be some bonding going on.  Even knowing that they will be giving the dogs up to a better life, it would still be difficult to give up something you have grown to love.

Other than what I have just told you, I don't know anything more about the dog or the inmate.  It will be interesting to say the least, and I am guessing an emotional experience.  My friend Becky will come home with her new dog, Taz will come home to his forever home, and the inmate who cared for and trained Taz will most certainly feel some sort of loss.  Me, I am just going along to help drive, and support a friend.  It will be be a memorable trip no matter what.


  1. Neato! Can't wait to hear about your adventures!

  2. Have a safe drive! I'm glad you're going w/Becky, I can't wait to hear all about it!

  3. Aww im so happy to hear that!! :)

  4. Aww im so happy to hear that!! :)