Sunday, August 19, 2012

T-shirt quilt

I was commissioned to make a t-shirt quilt from a collection of softball shirts.  This is a birthday gift for a young athlete who plays a lot of softball.  Lots of softball.  So, here is the "problem" if that's what you would call it.  There are nearly 50 t-shirts, yep, 50.  And....most of the shirts have designs on the front and the back, and both are important for a memory quilt.

My plan is this....I cut the logos out as close to the logo as possible, and am arranging them in any way that works so that I can get them all on the quilt.  I now have the bulk of the planning and "block" work finished and am starting to piece them together.  This quilt is going to be huge.  HUGE.  Over 100" square.

This is the aftermath of the t-shirts after cutting the logos out 

I am using a green cotton fabric for the sashing.  I thought it looked a bit like grass, and it was a good color that seemed to work well with all the various t-shirt colors.

Tonight I stitched the first horizontal row and I am getting excited to see it all come together.  It will be a one of a kind memory keeper, and a king size bedspread at the same time.

Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate your company.



  1. Wow. Big project. Cant wait to see the quilting!

  2. I'm watching what you do because my chiropractor wants me to do his running shirts. Did you put something behind the shirts to stabilize them?

  3. Wow, that is a huge project! I'm curious to see how it all fits together and how you will quilt it. What a special treasure for the softball player!