Thursday, October 18, 2012

Design board and Celtic progress

First off, I am making great progress on the Celtic Knot quilt, and I am still enjoying working on it.

This is part of the first two rows on my newly made design board.  I love seeing how the three cords are winding their way through each other and making a pattern on the quilt.  The little white blobs on the corners of the blocks are my identifying numbers just to keep everything straight.  All in all I have had very few problems putting this together.

And, it is so nice to have a design board.  I honestly don't do a lot of "design" work with my quilting, so I never thought about the advantages of having a place to lay out your quilt, or at least a portion of your quilt.  It is wonderful, and really boosts my enthusiasm to see it all coming together.

My design board was super easy to make, and really inexpensive.  Both good things.  I bought a 4x8 piece of foam insulation from Home Depot.  There are several types of insulation boards, most being 4x8 and ranging in price depending on the thickness.  I bought the thinnest and cheapest on I could find, less than $6.00.  I know, really cheap.  The most difficult part of this whole process was getting the 4x8 piece of foam board home.  I have a full size van, but the way I have the seats configured it was a tight fit.  I ended up slightly bending, (a gentle curve) to get it to fit in my van.

Once home I used a razor blade knife and cut the size that would fit my wall.  Then I cut a piece of cotton batting and used Duct tape to secure it to the board.  Not very fancy, but it works well.

Thanks for visiting, I appreciate it,  Esther


  1. Congratulations on the Celtic Knot! It really looks wonderful and colors really blend together well. Very nice! And I'm so glad you got the design wall up!

  2. Your Celtic Knot quilt is looking really gorgeous!
    Can't wait to see the finished top!

  3. I love how the CK is coming together! It's looking wonderful!
    Great advice on a design wall. I'm going to look into that. Thanks