Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Holly lost her Jolly

My grand daughter's name is Holly, but we always call her Holly Jolly.  The name is perfect for her because she is such an easy going little girl.  She always has been and we have always called her Holly Jolly.  Even her brother and her playmates call her Holly Jolly.

Well, today Holly lost her Jolly.  Don't know why or how, but all her Jolly was gone.  Long day for an unhappy baby, and her G-ma.  The funniest part of Holly loosing her Jolly was when her brother Ethan started looking for it.  He has a wonderful imagination, and has been doing a lot of pretend play lately.  Today he actively looked for Holly's Jolly.  And, he found it.  It was hiding by the elliptical machine, and it took two hands to carry it back and dump it on Holly's high chair tray.  Too funny.

I feel very thankful for my days with my grand babies, even those days that are longer than others.  My heart is very full.  Thanks for joining me even on the not so Jolly days, I appreciate it.



  1. Good for Ethan! What a wonderful big brother! Yes, cranky babies can make for very long days but it's so special that Holly has a loving grandma to help her through it!

  2. Esther, don't you just feel for the little darlings? Hope she's on the mend. Regards,