Sunday, October 14, 2012

Photos from the quilt show

The Pacific International Quilt Show (PIQF) was amazing again this year.   I had a great time wandering through the show with my friend Liz.  She is a FMQ also, so we had a lot of fun critiquing the quilts together, and sharing our ideas with each other.  We generally had the same compliments and complaints on the quilts we saw, and we were able to gain new insight because we could bounce our ideas off each other, and point out things to each other that we may have missed individually.

So, here are a few pictures, mostly close ups of quilting detail.  In my quest to take photos, and see as many of the quilts as possible, I did not document the makers of the quilts.  For that I apologize, and I mean no disrespect of these talented artists.  I just did not take the time to get that information.
 The quilter used quilting to highlight the gold shapes in the fabric.  Beautiful effect.  What impressed me was how tiny and dense her quilting was.
More detail from the same quilt.

Such a random subject for a quilt, two huge hippos.  This quilt was large, and I thought it totally worked.  Close ups show how the quilting added so much to the quilt.
The quilting was fun and whimsical, and softens the forcefulness of the hippos.
Detail of the hippo ears.
This free form flower shape was on the body of the hippos.
 This quilt was actually six different panels, made by six different quilters.  
Each panel had different fabrics and quilting detail, but they all came together beautifully.

That's all the quilting photos for today, but I do have one other photo of my little puli Harry Potter.  He had some surgery and has to wear a cone.  Poor little guy, but he is doing well.  The collar he is wearing is black, he is a black dog, and I am not much of a photographer, but you will get the idea.  There is a reflective band on the collar that looks illuminated in the photo.
Harry Potter resting (pouting) in his collar.  

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  1. Glad to hear Harry is doing well. I had such a good time with you at PIQF, it needs to be an annual event!