Monday, October 1, 2012

Little to show for a lot of work

I have been quilting a huge applique quilt, and my customer picked it up today.  She loved the quilting, and all is good, but.....she does not want it shown to the public until she puts it in the quilt show.  I have a few photos, and I don't think it will give anything away.

After stitching around the applique pieces, I did a hook swirl in the background.

I added a bit of detail to the applique pieces.  Not much, but enough to give them some definition.

That's about all I can show.  It was a beautifully appliqued quilt, and should make a grand statement at the shows she puts it into.  I was so pleased to do the quilting.

I appreciate you stopping by,



  1. Thanks for sharing. I have two applique quilts that need to be quilted. Applique is my dearest love, havnt done any in awhile. Love your quilting.
    Remember to share more photos when you are able!

  2. I love how you've quilted this, especially the detail on the applique -- it really makes it stand out! Just lovely!