Thursday, October 25, 2012

Harvest party and a birthday

My Holly Jolly turned one.  I took a plain little shirt, and with some applique and crystals, I made her a special birthday outfit.

In the background you can see family cheering for the Giants in the World Series.
I also made her a special cake, inspired by her invitation.

Happy first birthday dear Holly.

And, besides birthday parties, my daughters organized our first annual Harvest Party.  This year it consisted mostly of several little children decorating pumpkins.  Everyone had fun, a great dinner followed, and a tradition was started.

Happy Autumn to everyone, thanks for looking, I know I say it a lot, but I honestly do appreciate you stopping by.  You are a connection I have come to depend on, and a support I now need.  I thank you.



  1. What lovely family parties! i just love all the kids decorating the pumpkins -- you can tell how much fun they're having!

    Holly's outfit is so cute, and I love the butterfly cake. You have the gift of creating love and beauty around you, Esther -- what a special life you've made for your family!

  2. Esther, how precious they all are!